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These are not just books that you buy read once and tuck away on your shelf to collect dust. These are the stories of Canadian women who have triumphed over challenges, put themselves out there, and are being open in hopes that it will help someone just like you. These are powerful stories you won’t just read, but sip like a hot cup of tea. You’ll see parts of yourself you haven’t before, you’ll feel connected to complete strangers and you’ll wonder how you too can share. 

Great Canadian Woman

Strong and Free II

This book series will inspire Canadian womxn for generations and generations to come as this historical publishing project becomes a formal box set upon completion. What makes this publishing opportunity unique is that with each new book that gets published, all other previously published books in series continue to rise along with it. This provides the authors with longer term exposure, while being a part of something both unique and powerful within the Canadian content market.

The Great Canadian Woman

She is Strong and Free I

The Great Canadian Woman is all of us. She is the single mother who provides for her children come hell or high water. She is the woman who has a dream, and musters up enough courage to go after it. She is the woman who has quarreled in the depths of pain and grief and finds her way back home to herself. She is the woman who says “no” to what does not serve her. She is the woman who says “enough is enough”, and commits to a new way of living.

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The Great Canadian Woman

She is Strong and Free III

Purpose of She Is Strong and Free: The Great Canadian Womxn is in all of us. This series highlights the sacred stories of courageous and inspiring Womxn who refuse to give up. Her fear, her guilt, her grief, or her trauma is real, but she chooses to Stand Strong.  She chooses to Stand Free. Writing down our stories gives us the gift of healing. Sharing them gives the gift of hope. Womxn, through writing and sharing our stories we will make waves, move mountains, and blaze trails. And give permission for all to do the same!

The Great Canadian Woman

She Means Business I

Purpose of She Means Business: This series highlights Trailblazing Womxn in the world of Canadian Business & Entrepreneurship peeling back the curtains to what it took to achieve their success. We live in a world where success looks easy. And when we don’t share the journey beind the scenes, we give other womxn a false idea of what it actually took. This has lead to an unhealthy approach to the pathway to success, leaving womxn feeling blindsided by the hardship and adversity involved in creating their professional dream. We need more womxn living their career or entrepreneurial dreams but that means more womxn who have gone first need to share their journeys to success with transparency. This book series is designed to normalize the hardship involved in living your vision, so more womxn are willing to keep putting one foot in front of the other to see it through.


Consider becoming an author in this series if you have a compelling story of what it took behind the scenes to achieve what you have now in the world of business, career, entrepreneurship or not-for-profit.

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