Empowerment & Motivation
Sarah-Jane Lehoux

The Law of Names

Names have power. A queen saved her first-born child because she called out, “Rumpelstiltskin!” Odysseus escaped the cyclops’ wrath because he says his name is

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Mental Health
Claire Donnison

I love my ADHD

(I preface this by saying that this is my story, and I am not making light of the suffering encountered by many people. See a

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Empowerment & Motivation
Patricia (Kincaid) Mueller

Heal Thyself, Heal Thy Children

In August 2020, I became one of 10,000 Canadians to survive a bilateral pulmonary embolism and part of the 1.3% population to be diagnosed with

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Annette Pateman

Olive Morris

Olive Morris ( 26 th June 1952- 12 July 1979 ) Community leader, feminist, activist,  campaigner for racial justice The protests sparked by the death

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Amanda Welton

My Multidimensional Awakening

Hello Human Lavender Tusk is Feminine Awakening embodied. It comes from the collaboration of the word lavender; which is a slightly feminine, unconventional colour and

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