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Amanda Welton

My Multidimensional Awakening

Hello Human Lavender Tusk is Feminine Awakening embodied. It comes from the collaboration of the word lavender; which is a slightly feminine, unconventional colour and

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Simone King

We The Invisible

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Equality is being on the party planning committee.”- Verna Myers Canada is

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Book Club

Great Canadian Woman Book Club

This is more than a bookclub. It’s the opportunity to connect with your fellow Canadian women on a whole new level. It’s an opportunity to grow, to expand, to get uncomfortable as we navigate important topics facing Canadians


She Speaks

A Podcast By And For Canadian Women

Gone are the days she remains humble and keeps her gifts, her wisdom and her power to herself. Here, she takes the mic. Here, she owns her power. Here, SHE SPEAKS.


Write a Book

Become a Published Author

We know that our stories have the power to invoke an unparalleled amount of motivation, self belief, hope, courage and actual positive change. This is why we write.This is why we do what we do, and this is why we want to help as many Canadian womxn publish their stories as possible. We know your story can change lives and the process of publishing it will change yours, too. 

Family & Parenting

Family & Parenting
Ashley Seeley

The Lost Mom

Some of us, we live happily ever after as man and wife. Some of us live with a man, or a woman, or multiple men

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