The World Needs More Positivity


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I know exactly what I bring to the table, and believe me when I say, I’m no longer afraid to eat alone. 

My wish now is for all women to feel that fire inside. 

We live in an era of social media.  We see beautiful faces, perfect homes, and lives daily. Which naturally causes us to compare, or compete when we should be praising and empowering.  
We manage to lose ourselves in the instagram vs reality of life.  It’s important to build platforms that show the good, bad and ugly.  Setbacks, victories, and every road block in between.  Give people a clear picture of what real life looks like.

I choose to be an encourager!  

To build confidence in people, which starts with taking back the power you’ve given to everyone else who’s opinion you let bother you. Every person who’s doubted you, who’s put you down, who’s opinion you fear.  Take that back. They don’t have the right to power like that.

Start spending time with people who appreciate all the bull life can throw at you, yet they figure out a way to come out of each day with a smile.  The people who will lift you up when you need it, walk the hard road with you, and celebrate with you in all life’s accomplishments. Become a person who can push all your own stuff aside, and just be a decent human regardless of your circumstances.  

Only you can make the conscious choice to not let whatever your situation is, define who you are or how you act.  Be that kind of badass! The world needs more of us! Happiness is achievable, once you  realize that when things change inside you, things change around you.  So go do the things, the things that satisfy YOU! 

Self Confidence is the best outfit you can wear.  Own it, Rock it!

People mistakenly think that just because I have confidence and choose happiness that my life is a bed of roses.  What they don’t realize is that I struggled with depression for 7 years.  Until one day I stumbled upon mindset work.  Using these practices I began to make choices everyday to not let life’s problems get in my way.  I began to understand the power I had within, and what I was actually capable of.   I realized that what I chose had a direct impact on how I felt.  

If I choose to let fear of failure slip in, or others opinions bring me down, I would never find happiness.  And with life to live everyday, why would I ever want to live it under the shadow of fear, or sadness if I had the choice.  

I now make a conscious effort everyday to see the brighter side of all the downfalls. 

I choose not to let the negativity of the world get to me.  

Let’s be honest, the world is in need of more positivity. We need that influence for our next generation to look up to.  We have children growing up learning from what they see on social media, choosing their influencers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok.  

I for one would rather fill those spaces with encouraging messages, promoting confidence in our kids, inclusion for all, creating safe places for them to share experiences.  Showing body confidence to them, and speaking openly about mental health. It is up to us as adults to lead by example, and to be frank, at times, we are not doing a great job.  

For these reasons, I choose everyday to fill my platform with messages of hope, to show what it means to overcome all the things that can get thrown at you, to knock you down, and be the voice that helps to pick them back up.  

Be the kind of person that makes other people want to up their game. And don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you.  They likely aren’t happy with themselves either. 

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