The Power Of One When You Are In Chaos


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The power of one thing is a huge epiphany for my clients and is a milestone to reach because all my clients including myself as a client one time wanted the WHOLE plan I wanted to dramatically change everything in myself and I did.
When I started out with my personal trainer I loved every single second of it. You could even say that I got addicted to training, workouts, eating everything, you name it. I did it.
But then what happens when that becomes your everything. You start losing a bit. You could say that I was having trouble with friends because I was no longer eating what they were, you could say that my family was annoyed by my constant training and said to me that too much of something is no good. You could say that I was scared to go back to what I ‘looked like, felt like before.
When you start with 1 habit you are not only making this more lifestyle base you are keeping it simple. Simple is good because our lives are so busy and are influxed with so much distraction! 
When choosing a habit it should be easy. You should already be doing it but don’t know that you are!
Example: Drinking water: Most people drink water everyday, some have 1 cup to 8 cups. If you are in the 3-4 cups. Then I suggest you drink around 5-6 cups then slowly bring that habit up. 

Where most people go wrong is they want to go all by drinking 3 litres a day that maybe last 2 days and then they stop doing it because it’s hard and feels like a chore. Then they feel bad and stop their goals altogether because they ‘failed’.

Start slowly to build up your confidence and prove to yourself that you are capable of starting by focusing on one thing.

But what happens when you are so busy and living in Chaos? 

I heard this analogy from a mentor of mine and it was a big A-HA moment for myself!
Some days can feel like we are on autopilot! It’s kind of like that feeling of driving a car and then suddenly you are at your destination wondering how you got there! Only not as scary!
Let’s talk about the Chaos Cycle:
The Chaos Phase:
Most people including myself at one time live in chaos which we think is normal. 
Living in chaos can feel overwhelming, agitated, and crazy busy. There are so many moving parts that are happening in your life. Whether it be personal, work or internal stuff chaos can consume you leaving you feeling panicked with high anxiety and that you got too much to do in a short little time.
I want you to know that we need chaos in our life in order to create change and that this will happen multiple times in our life. If you relate to this and are going through it. This too shall pass and embrace it. The only way to get through this phase is to:

CREATE SPACE, DECLUTTER, DECOMMIT, whatever you need to do in order to create that change to make things work better for you.

So we need to get in the CREATIVE phase to think

We are talking right now about human behaviour and that we are always craving the next thing or trying to find a short cut.

It is important to note that this phase should not be mistaken for an action phase!
Being in alignment with yourself takes time and it’s hard to do that if you do not give yourself time to figure out what it is that you want and why it is important to you. 
There is lots happening, good and bad. It is important to write down what is happening because it is your brain/mind/spirit whatever you call it that is talking to you. 
Let’s call this your parking lot of ideas. I highly suggest writing everything down because you will not remember it or will not remember it as vividly.!

This is your time to contemplate and evaluate them. If you are unsure of what something means then ask what does this mean and just let it go.

Next you need to REST!

This phase is hard, how do you stop your life when you feel that it has always been in chaos and there has been no time and when you do have time there is something else that comes in there that needs to be taken care of?

This is where the TRUST comes in and is challenged. If you feel that you have a hard time trying to find rest, rejuvenation, going on vacation or simply going out for an evening. I am here to tell you that most of the time nothing feels right.

REST AND TRUST. This phase can be short.

If you are tired of being busy, working out, dieting, burnt out, stressed out and depressed, 
This phase is essential.

The final phase!

Now you can take ACTION!

If you have honoured yourself with the past phases then you will feel ease, flow, energy, happiness and are very motivated! Which is what we want!
You will be feeling bursts of energy and are excited! This is the feeling you have been hoping for and had no idea that it even existed because you have not felt this in a long time!

Now is the time to do things that are important and in alignment to you! This will feel seamless and you will have much more clarity in who you are and what you want!
The chaos cycle and working on one thing is a powerful combination simply because our lives are busy, sometimes too busy. I hope these tools gave you something to think about so that when you find yourself in chaos, you can focus on that one thing and find a way to balance your time better.

Amanda Gazzola

Amanda Gazzola

Amanda Gazzola is known as the energizer bunny. She is a serial entrepreneur and is an author of Amazon’s best-selling book of Finally, A Diet That Works For Me. Amanda loves to help women transform physically and mentally! Amanda has firsthand experience in transformation, competing in multiple fitness competitions, speaking on stages across Ontario, running boot camps for hundreds of clients and providing makeup artistry for photoshoots, competitions, models and magazines. Amanda is the creator of RELOVE+RISE Coaching and Consulting and has her own podcast series. She has also been featured as a regular guest on Rogers TV C-Suites with Danielle deShaw.




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