Secrets to a Feminine Money Mindset


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It never fails, whenever I get together with a group of women or close friends and I mention the topic of MONEY, I get the inevitable response: silence. *Cue awkwardness.

Women are notoriously bad about openly discussing the “money” topic.

We will easily open our hearts about our sex lives, our relationship issues, our deep emotional feelings or even things that leak in our bodies (!!), but we refuse to talk about MONEY. Why is that?

The truth is, women have been conditioned to have this reaction.

As if money is some sort of taboo topic that is better left to the financiers of the world, bankers and of course – MEN. This is not a jab on the wonderful males in our life, but it does beg the question – what is your relationship with money? Why are women so reluctant to think about it, let alone talk about it? And how can we start to change that?

The first step is to deeply examine our mindset.

We all carry a great deal of “baggage” when it comes to money, much of it on a subconscious level. As children, we were often programmed with negative money stories from our parents, family, friends and society at large. Ideas such as “rich people are greedy” or “it is better to give than to receive” or “money is hard to get”, have been so deeply embedded into our consciousness that we believe them to be true.

The good news about this “program” as a subconscious template, means that we can begin to de-program it. So let’s defrag our money mindset!


#1. Examine where your money beliefs came from and then ask yourself, is this true? Or did somebody just pass that onto me?

#2. Watch your language around money. If money were a person, what would it hear you saying about it? 

#3. Tap into the money flow. Begin to invite the energy of abundance by acknowledging the flow: spend, give, receive, save and invest money with joy instead of fear. Say each time you make a transaction, “I spend/receive/give this money freely with the highest joy and good intentions. May it be returned to me with equal or greater joy.”

Once you begin to have a clear awareness of your money blocks and beliefs, you can begin to clear them. Daily habits are the next crucial step to developing a truly Feminine Money Mindset. We do this by regularly engaging in healthy money mindset habits such as: Reciting mantras and short statements that affirm our money goals, journaling about our fears and beliefs about money and how it holds us back, listening to positive meditations and songs to reinforce the habits we want. Over time, when done consistently, these daily habits help form new neural pathways in our brain to help us achieve the desired result. That is why top performers and athletes constantly practice visualizations and affirmations; they know that the human brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined thought or a real occurrence – they are all REAL to the brain! Use this to your advantage.

Other key tips:

Place daily reminders in your surrounding environment for what you wish to accomplish. For example, change the screensavers on your phone and computer to positive money affirmations instead of family photos (as nice as they are) or place sticky notes on your desk, on your fridge, in the bathroom with positive money messages. Once again, we are influencing our brains at a subconscious level, by placing consistent reminders all around us and inside our homes or workspaces.

The third step is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Find your tribe of supportive women who will support your money goals. It is always beneficial to enlist the services of a good money mentor or coach and most importantly, spend time with women who have already achieved wealth mastery. Join a local network (online or in-person) or women’s circle who share your dreams and values. By surrounding your circle with women who have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk, you can learn directly from real-life role models.

Lastly, the best way to attract more abundance is to be grateful for what you already have.

This never fails. Once we start appreciating all of the countless blessings in our lives, the universe rewards us with more.  A good tip is to write down or recite either first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep: 3 Things You Are Grateful For that day. Do this every day for at least 21 days. It can be gratitude for a delicious cup of tea, a singing bird or a good hairdo. The energy of appreciation and gratitude carries a signal and vibration to the universe that by acknowledging what you already have, you will be ready for more.

At the end of the day, when women begin to develop a positive relationship with money, it can be used as a catalyst and gateway to live authentically, while still helping others. By nurturing your money mindset, identifying and clearing money blocks, increasing your confidence and financial literacy – you can create the life of your dreams. There’s no stopping you!

Alice Soon

Alice Soon

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  1. Very true pointers!
    Thanks for the encouraging words that women need to hear. We do lack this belief because of our family history or/and religion.

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