I Couldn’t Cut the Cord, So the Universe Did It For Me!


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I seriously lost my job.

My job and my house.

I lost my job and my house all within 2 weeks.

In the midst of Covid-19.

Don’t worry, I’m not airing my dirty laundry. Although, 10, 5, 2 years ago, I would’ve been looking for all of the sympathy and back patting that I could find in this post. I’d be ugly crying myself to sleep with a bottle of wine (or 2) to get me there. Furiously calling anyone who would listen to how victimized I am right now. And feel so hurt and rejected when I didn’t get the reaction that I wanted. Endlessly searching for a new job, new house, and probably a man to “make it all better”.

ALL external validation.

But guess what?

I am happy AF.

Grateful AF.


Every single thing that is happening right now is happening FOR me. NOT TO me.

My job? Not serving me anymore.

I’ve known this for a long time. I was holding out for the “right time” to walk away. There’s never a right time. I couldn’t cut the cord, so the Universe did it for me. Hello! Uplevelling!!!

My house? No longer abundant.

I’ve been holding off for the right time (AGAIN…THERE IS NO RIGHT TIME) to give up my gypsy lifestyle and make the commitment to buy a house. The Universe always has a plan and it would seem that now is the time.

When is there ever been a better time to spend MORE time with your family and loved ones?


And did I mention the FREEDOM I feel?

These things are all very scary events.

And life changing.

But I am so CALM.

THIS is what life is like when you do the inner work.

When you MAKE TIME to do the inner work.

When you step onto the other side of fear, embracing LOVE and GRATITUDE.

This is true ALIGNMENT. 

I show up for my clients in the same way that I show up for myself.

If you’re feeling challenged about some of the scary things that are happening and that you are facing, I would love to chat with you. Let’s get you aligned.

To Your Massive Abundance


Dawn Balash

Dawn Balash

Dawn Balash, also known as the Manifestation Queen, is a Spiritual Self Love, Mindset and Manifestation Coach, Speaker and Author. Dawn's passion as a coach is to help women leave all of their baggage behind so that they can open up their heartspace to embrace the true unconditional self love that they embody by transforming their mindset and claiming their freedom. She is a powerful manifestor and she fully believes that there are no secrets to manifestation, only faith. Dawn empowers women to have faith in the co-creation of the Universe of their own reality through the Law of Attraction.

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