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September 15, 2020

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Cara McCarron

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How Are You Showing Up?

What is Feminine Energy?

When you say “feminine energy” what comes to mind? What are the images that start to dance around in your head? For me, before I really understood what this was, it was a bunch of weak and airy-fairy women who had no idea what they were doing…super judgy of me, and not at all in the “Feminine Divine” to be honest.

Now, Feminine Energy for me is intuition, vulnerability, thoughtfulness, patience, sensuality, empathy, and nurturing.

It’s being soulful and being firmly in your heart, not in your head.

What Is Masculine Energy?

On the flip side, Masculine Energy is quite literally the opposite. It’s the get sh*t done energy, the hunter, the aggressor, the one who makes things move. That energy is critical for anyone’s success. It’s the part of us that is completely decisive and makes those decisions quickly and accurately…without the Masculine, we would die.

So Where Have We Gone Wrong?

So what is the problem? “You’ve got these two incredible energies moving through you and you’re crushing it in all areas of your life…I don’t see the problem?”. Well, here it is, when we live too far into one or the other of these, we are way off balance. In 2020, women are living far too far into Masculine and are absolutely NOT crushing it in life.  

Where You’ll See The Gap?

  1. In your own energy levels
  2. In your relationships with your children (if you’re a mama)
  3. In your relationship with your partner (you will feel more like a parent to your spouse than you care to admit)
  4. In your mental health. (anxiety, depression, the list goes on)
  5. If you’re single, you will have a hard time meeting someone who you connect with. (this is referred to, as a lack of polarity)

Where Are We Now?

We are caught in a tug of war with being strong enough and feeling safe enough at the same time. I spend a lot of time learning and attending events that have opened my eyes to what is happening in our current model of the world. We have a lot of our energies completely backward.  

One of the main reasons women tend to live in the masculine more than in the feminine is because we don’t feel safe. Safe physically, emotionally, financially, and with our souls.

So How Do We Balance?

When you first start to see that being in ‘hunter mode’ isn’t serving you, you might be like, “Ok, great, now what? I have always been this way, I have no clue where to go from here”, that was me, at first.  Then I dug deep, really deep, and it was rough, but totally worth it!

I’ve learned a bunch of tools over the years, I’ll share my top 3 here:

  1. Journalling. Honestly, this is one of THE most powerful ways to get into your feminine. It forces you out of your head and into your heart. I write daily, but not just about goals, etc…I write about how my life feels. Does it feel like I am in ‘flow’ or are things hard to get through? Writing in this way opens up my heart and that is where feminine divine lives
  2. Cooking. This is creation. So many women look down on cooking now, as if it’s beneath us…well, it isn’t. When you cook a meal whether it’s for friends, family, or even yourself, you are in flow. It’s really hard to be cooking and creating a meal and be in your head. If you are feeling like you’re in your head, take a deep breath, and look around at what you’re actually ‘creating’.
  3. Dancing. This is my favourite! Get into some clothing that makes you feel sexy. Don’t worry about what anyone will say, think, just let it be. I will lock my bedroom door and holler at the fam to leave me alone for 30 mins…then I either crank the music up or throw my beats on and go nuts. I dance like no one is watching and sometimes I dance like the most attractive man in the world is watching. The bottom line? I am in total sync with my body and that is Feminine Energy.

I have barely scratched the surface here, I know, but I hope some of this has resonated with you:). When I discovered that I was too far into my masculine, it was truly life-changing.

Big love,

Cara McCarron

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