EPISODE 052 – Harnessing Your Divine Feminine Energy & Balancing Your Spirit


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In today’s episode, Lisa shares;

  • A basic understanding of our spiritual energy 
  • The importance of healing the spirit and energy body for overall emotional, physical and mental well being
  • The need for the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies

Lisa’s passion for learning and teaching about energy healing shines through in today’s episode as she shares so much about how to master the balance of our masculine and feminine energies. Tap the podcast player above to listen now, or continue scrolling to read the full transcription.


Hey friends, my name is Lisa from Moon Over Pisces.

As an energy healer, I get really excited about learning and teaching about energy healing. So in this podcast, we’re going to talk about our energy, why we need to heal and balance it, and the need for the balance of the divine feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. So, many of us know we are made up of energy. Science is discovering more and more that when we get down to it, everything in the universe is simply a series of vibrating molecules that come together cohesively to become an object, whether it’s our bodies, or plants, animals, or even the items we use everyday life like our favorite coffee cup. What many people don’t realize is that we have several layers of energy around us all the time. It generally can’t be seen by the physical eye and it’s the electromagnetic energy surrounding us known by different names such as the aura, the light body, or simply your energy. It consists of many different layers, but as my favorite cooking show host, Alton Brown says, that’s another show. 

There’s a huge difference between what we know as psychic energy and spiritual energy. You’re wondering what this has to do with your energy. The basics is it’s really good to understand the difference to know what it is an energy healer is doing when you go to see one. Psychic energy is when one uses the third eye and their own energy to glean information during readings or other types of psychic work. What we know is spiritual or source energy is used by healers and mediums and it’s the connection with whatever you call the higher power, source, spirit, the cosmos, the divine or God. This allows us to tap into the limitless supply of healing energy available in the universe. Not many people will work solely with that psychic energy because it can lead to attracting negative energy, it can’t be replenished the same as spiritual energy, and it tends to leave the practitioner burnt out. Learning to bring in true source energy will uplift and heal not only the person receiving the heal, but also the person channeling the healing. Our DNA is made to hold light in order to help ourselves function correctly. This is a very simplified explanation but it helps us understand that when we work with source energy, we allow that light into our DNA and it raises the vibrational rate of those cells. So the higher one’s vibration, the healthier and happier one is. So this brings us to the need for balance and healing in the spiritual energy. 

Ordinarily, we think that separating these topics would allow for better exploration. But I’ve always felt that with healing, we get more balanced, and the easier it is to ship thoughts and feelings and make better choices for ourselves. If you look at shamanic tradition, you’ll see that it is of the belief that the source of all disease and illness is in one’s energy field. What we see as healers as blockages are stuck emotions and traumas that need to be released to heal the energy which will in turn heal the body, the mind, and the emotions. These blockages and traumas can be from our current life, or it can be from past lives. These are things that are literally begging to be changed in our lives and not to mention in our society and our culture. We are bombarded all the time in so many ways. We’re told what to eat, what to wear, when to wear, how to act, what to consume, what to do. We’re also told how to feel, what to feel, and when it’s appropriate to feel it. Mainstream spirituality would have you believe that being love and light and fake it till you make it as the way to find yourself. My personal experience is that it never does anyone any good to be anything other than their true authentic self. Part of the healing experience is that one works on deprogramming from all of the stuff we’re told by the media, society, and the culture on who to be and what to be. So in order to experience true healing, we actually need to be willing to have some upheaval in our lives. We need to be willing to look at ourselves so deeply and so fully, without fear and without judgment, and look and see what we need to accept, or what we need to integrate, and what we need to release. Having a growth mindset can help here as well, and we’ll take a look at that a little bit later here. We need to face our shadows and go through what is known as the dark night of the soul or spiritual puberty, if you will. We endure the pain of sifting through our fears and traumas and it’s not an easy process, it is a necessary one. When we don’t acknowledge the things that hurt us, or even the little things that are bothering us we push it down, and when we do that, it affects our energy field. It starts out with small holes and tears that leaves space for other negative energies or entities to infiltrate and drain you. These can eventually start penetrating your cells and your DNA and begin to show up as physical symptoms. As for that importance of our DNA, holding light comes into play. As we bring that source light into the DNA and allow it to spread to each and every cell in our body, we allow those cells to go to that vibration of perfect health. So since our selves hold not only our physical health, but also our emotional mental health, having them work perfectly, allows us to be in perfect health in all ways. Again, this seems really incredibly simple and it seems like something simple to accomplish, but the amount of damage our cells encounter, through our daily lives, it can take a lot of work to renew each and every cell in that body. We not only hold all of the traumas and karmas from our current lives as well as our past lives, but we also hold up to seven generations of our parents’ DNA. So with all of this knowledge in our bodies, it can take years for our bodies to catch up if we only do physical things like eat well, exercise, and keep our spiritual side to a minimum. But if we’re willing to really take that time, that true deep dive into our emotions, and our energy body, this brings you to that state of homeostasis much more quickly. 

So people often ask me what is meant by having a growth mindset because this is one of the key components in healing. The first part is awareness, especially awareness of your self talk and things that trigger you. Someone who’s in a fixed persona, rather than a growth persona, is going to think things like they’re not good enough, or they’re going to fail, or things aren’t worth the effort. When you become aware of these thoughts in your mind, it gives you power to work on shifting these thoughts, this in turn gives you a better perspective. It allows you to begin to understand why we do the things we do, to see patterns and our reactions that aren’t serving us any longer, but it also allows us to begin to release that self judgment and begin to accept ourselves in new ways. The final phase of growth mindset is action. So what actions can you physically take in order to create better emotional, physical and mental health for yourself? They can be simple things like taking a walk every day journaling, or you can get more in depth and commit to having therapy sessions or other types of healing sessions like Reiki or other modalities. If you become attached to the problem, you’re more focused on the emotion of the situation, but if you focus on the solution, it will bring you to the action that you need. Balancing and healing our energy body is a commitment that we make to ourselves. When I work with clients, I generally don’t tell them what they should eat, do for exercise or even what they should feel. My job is to help you clear and balance your energy. Then if you allow yourself to be open to those changes, have that growth mindset and self awareness, you will begin to naturally make healthier choices for yourself. So this is why I’m so excited about the work we’re doing with the divine feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. 

So this particular healing system came to me after a very rough weekend. A few months ago, I was getting ready for a massive launch of a new website, and my business partner bowed out right before the launch. There’s no hard feelings, we’ve actually come to terms since and had some really great discussions since sometimes it’s just not in the cards. So at that point, I had to decide, am I going to let myself fall apart or am I going to keep following my dream? I kept going, yes, I had to sit with the hurt I felt and I had to love myself enough to know my worth. I use several of the healing modalities that I work on with myself, and I meditated, and I asked questions of my spiritual team. But finally, I sat with the Goddess, I sat with her every morning, and I just asked “what do I need to know this day?” The result was mind blowing. This whole new healing energy modality came in and it allows us to balance not only the divine feminine, but also the Divine Masculine within our energy fields.

This next year 2021 is bringing in this divine feminine energy. It’s been persecuted for so many millennia, and we’ve seen the masculine energy of strength and stability be distorted into control and manipulation and it’s completely taken over and the feminine flow has been lost. So as we bring in this energy and allow it to help us heal the rift between men and women, it is showing me many beautiful ways of allowing change into our lives. When I started working with this energy, I noticed some pretty immediate changes, my relationship started getting better, I’ve had much less fear about speaking my truth. I was ambitious before, but this took it to a whole new level. And one of the biggest things for me, has been this ability to work through my emotions and just accept them for the way that they are so that I’m not judging myself. Again, that release of self judgment came through. I feel like I am in more control in my life, I feel like I have more self love, creativity, and I’m actually able to forgive people, myself included, that was a really rough thing for me on my journey. And there’s been so many other things, I can’t even remember all of the changes I’ve been able to work through in less than a few months. I’ve also taught the modality to my assistant and she is seeing many of these changes in herself as well. And the beautiful thing this healing is not just for women, we need to be able to help our men stand in their divinity and true spiritual power as well. And so part of this healing is releasing resentment for the patriarchy, and allowing that healing feminine energy to level up practitioners and open up space for the healing of men as well as women. They’ve been just as distorted. Men have been programmed in the same fashion as many of their fathers and raising the collective means that we as women also need to help heal their wounds as well. We’re going to take back the creativity and sense of community that the Divine Feminine embodies and take back our spiritual power through mastering our energy field. Through allowing healing and balancing of that energy field, we become whole healthy people who can come together in community and compassion. 

I hope you’ll find the love inside yourself to join us on this journey.

Thank you!

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Lisa Graham

Lisa Graham

Lisa Graham has spent the last 10 years diving into her gifts as an energy worker, Reiki master and intuitive healer in many forms. She is a certified Spiritual Coach and Tarot reader. In the last year she launched Moon Over Pisces to provide a space to teach and connect with others. Lisa's latest offering is the Divine Feminine Balance System , channeled in Autumn 2020 and now available to share with the world

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