EPISODE 051 – Mastering A Money Mindset


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In today’s episode, Danielle shares;

  • To understand the law of vibration and how the thoughts and ideas around money that were programmed into us as children or society are actually what’s holding us back from attracting money thru service.
  • To learn about the law of compensation and how it’s not luck that we attract more money – There is actually a law to it and those that live in harmony with that law will attract abundance. 
  • Quick and easy tools to stay in a positive vibration even when the outside world is chaotic or not what we want (ie. even during a pandemic).

Have a listen to Danielle’s full episode by clicking the podcast player above or continue reading below for the full transcription.


My name is Danielle Amos and I am a mindset coach. I’m a self made millionaire and I absolutely love talking about money. One thing that I’ve learned is that many people, they’re uncomfortable, we’re actually taught in society that we shouldn’t talk about money, that it’s not polite to talk about money. I’ve learned something from my mentors. I work very closely with Bob Proctor, you might know him from The Secret. I learned from him that people, wealthy people, they’re comfortable talking about money. And I used to think, well, of course, they are- they have it so why wouldn’t they be comfortable with it? And he taught me something that changed my entire relationship with money. He said, “Danielle, they were comfortable first, and then they attracted money.” I really had to think about this. And today’s podcast is all about money. And it’s manifesting money, how to break through the money blocks that you most likely have. 

You’re gonna get three key takeaways. Today, you’re gonna learn about the law of vibration. A lot of you probably have heard about the law of attraction; the law of attraction is missing something, it’s a secondary law. So we need to go back to the basics and talk about the law of vibration. We’re also talking about how thoughts and ideas around money were actually programmed into you when you were a child. And because of this, most of us are repelling money. It’s actually what’s holding us back from attracting money into our lives. I’ll teach you about the law of compensation, and how actually money comes down to an exact science. It’s not luck, or being in the right place at the right time, there’s no such thing. Attracting money to you comes through the law of compensation. And everything is energy. So we’re going to talk about that, and how if you learn to live in harmony with the laws of the universe, you’ll attract money easily. And lastly, I’ll give you some really quick and easy tools to stay in a positive vibration. Even when the outside world may seem like it’s in chaos, or perhaps not what we don’t, it’s not what we want, it could be something like the pandemic, do you know that you can still attract money, your business can still grow and even thrive during a pandemic. Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich that the most number of millionaires were actually made during the Great Depression. And it’s my theory that many, many millionaires are being created right now during the pandemic. And I believe the next six months as we go into 2021 is more important than ever to master your mindset, which is why you’re here. 

So my name is Danielle Amos. I am one of Bob Proctor’s top coaches. I work with him at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. And I say that not to impress you, but to actually impress upon you that I live in harmony with these laws. And I was taught to do so. And I’m here to teach you how to do it, so that you can live a more abundant life with ease and freedom. How does that sound? Alright, so let’s get into it. So first of all, it’s super important that we understand that there are laws that are governing our life. It’s just like I want you to think about the law of gravity. So we are all aware of the law of gravity although we weren’t when we were born. Think about a baby. Baby doesn’t know about the law of gravity and then a baby starts to learn how to walk, at about one year of age. And that baby starts to learn to walk and it fumbles it, it sort of fails its way to learning how to walk and then understands and it’s kind of like learn to balance what is that baby learning about the law of gravity? Well, just like the law of gravity will play no favorites, meaning if you walked off the side of a building, you would fall and get not such great results right? You probably fall to your death. Because the law of gravity doesn’t care if you know about it, or if you’re ignorant to that law. It affects you anyway. The truth is there are many other laws that are affecting you day to day and you might not be aware of it. 

Wallace D. Wattles in one of my favorite books, Science of Getting Rich, says “there is a science of getting rich, it is an exact science, like algebra arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches. Once a person learns and obeys these laws, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.” That quote, really had me ask some great questions like, what are these laws? Doesn’t it make sense to understand and live like he says in harmony with them, so that my life can be more abundant. And one thing I learned from my mentor Bob Proctor is that abundance is actually our birthright. We are naturally abundant, we are naturally healthy. When you think about this, abundance is everywhere. How do I know that? Look out in nature, nature, I’m looking out my window right now and I see a tree, and the tree has only a few leaves left, because it’s winter here in Canada, and I know that in the spring buds will come and form on that tree and they’ll turn into new leaves, and that tree will grow fuller and taller next year. It naturally grows, it’s naturally abundant. Same thing for you, your natural state is abundance. It’s just we have all this junk, the way that we were programmed by society and as children. Like for example, money doesn’t grow on trees Danielle? Can’t you be happy or satisfied with what you’ve got? You don’t need more. Money is the root of all evil. Well, how are you going to get that? These are all things that I heard as a child, maybe you can relate to some of them. These sayings we think are natural and normal, but actually, they’re what’s programmed us and our beliefs around money. It’s super important to understand how the mind works, and how these beliefs around money were created. Because most of these beliefs aren’t yours, I would say all of them aren’t yours, and you just heard them like I did as a child and then we accepted this belief that money was hard to earn. Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, says something really great, “if you are one of those who believe that hard work and honesty alone will provide, will bring riches, perish the thought, it is not true.” Riches when they come in huge quantities are never the result of hard work. Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck. 

Now I was taught the opposite. Hard work is how you earn money. So what did I do? I worked for jobs growing up in high school, I worked hard, I was always that last person willing to put in more hours more time. Little did I know that that was most likely a big reason for my lack of success, because I was trying to force money to come to me, and force negates. So I had to be willing to let go of some of those beliefs around money. Like money does actually grow on trees, money is easy to earn. And it’s an exact science. So here you go, know that you attracted this podcast for a reason and you are in the right place. Trust being here! And if you relax and allow what I say to write into your subconscious mind, it can actually change your life like it changed mine. I went from being in 10s of 1000s of dollars in debt, credit card debt, not nice debt, earning $2,000 a month in my network marketing company, to then fast forward just 18 months to earning six figures a month.

And I haven’t stopped there. And I am here to show you that you can too if you learn to live in harmony with these laws.

So let’s go back to the laws. We’ve got The law of attraction, which many of you probably know about through the movie, The Secret. Bob Proctor was in that movie and he said it was actually missing the secret. The secret is the law of vibration. Everything vibrates, nothing rests. So you right now, right where you are listening to this podcast, you’re vibrating and how you know if you are in a positive vibration or a negative vibration is how you feel. And when we bring up the subject of money, what happens to most of us is that we don’t feel good discussing it. We’re shamed. We feel like there’s not enough, we’re in lack and limitation in our thoughts, we worry. And so around the subject of money, we’re in this negative vibration, and the law of vibration states that you attract based on how you’re vibrating. And so you think a thought, maybe that there’s not enough money to go around, and that thought leads to a feeling and the feeling is how you’re vibrating. And so negative feeling means that you’re vibrating in a negative pool, attracting more negativity to you. You really want to understand this, because I often ask people, what do they want more than anything? And they’ll say, to get out of debt? And I always answer that’s one of the worst goals I’ve ever heard. Because as you’re saying, and I want to get out of debt, right in that moment, you’re attracting more debt to you. The universe doesn’t hear I don’t want debt, it just hears debt and it gives you more debt, debt, debt, debt. So instead, what can we say? Financially free? Okay, what does that mean? How much money do you need to live the life you want?

Never decrease how you live to fit your budget, always increase your budget to live the lifestyle you want. Really important. So this law of vibration, we need to get you in a place where you are vibrating positively when you talk about and think about money. And how we do this is through knowledge, through understanding, through teachings like this, and then applying them to your life and noticing the difference. So how we attract money to us is to feel good, first about money, you must feel comfortable about money first. Money goes where it’s invited and stays where it’s welcomed, it’s just energy. And so as you practice first being comfortable with money, you could do that in your mind, you can use your imagination and talk about money in your mind, think about money. I used auto suggestion, chapter two in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, auto suggestion or the power of affirmations, I repeated to myself all the time. I love money. Money loves me, money comes easily to me through multiple strings and increasing quantities. Now when I started repeating that affirmation to me, I did not really believe it. No, I was in debt and my mind said, “Danielle, you’re lying”. I knew, I knew that that was the way because I trusted my mentor Bob Proctor and I looked at his results, and the results always tell the truth, and I wanted his kind of results. And I thought well, my way is not working, I better try his. 

So I started to study this material and put aside what I thought was true about money and instead accept these new beliefs. And after a while, I started attracting more money, more clients to me, and it was easy. And here’s the thing, another quote by Napoleon Hill, he says “remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life to demand abundance and prosperity than is required to accept misery and poverty”. No more effort. It’s a decision. Will you be in the vibration that’s positive which is abundance and prosperity, or will you stay in lack and limitation? It’s your choice. No one can make you think a thought, you have the power to originate your thoughts. So I need to understand that money is attracted through service. 

There’s a law of compensation and that law states that we earn money in direct proportion to three things, this comes from Bob Proctor, my mentor:

  • Number one, the need for what you do. Is there a need for your product and service? Journal about that.
  • Number two, how well you do your business? How well you do your job? How well you provide service and how many people you serve? 
  • And number three, the difficulty there is in replacing you. 

So the law of compensation states that you attract money in direct proportion to three things number one, the need for what you do, number two, how well you do it, and number three, the difficulty it is in replacing you. Now if you focus on number two, and get better and better and better at doing what you do, number one, and three will take care of themselves. And when money comes, it will flow so quickly that you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all these lean years. It’s also a quote from Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. So we attract money first by feeling comfortable speaking about it. Number two, by focusing on the law of compensation and becoming better and better at what you do, and servicing more people, you attract money through service. 

So ask yourself, How can I attract them in? How can I increase my service today? And when you learn to live in harmony with this law and the law of vibration, you are in a positive prosperity, abundance, vibration, you’ll attract more abundance to you. So how do we stay in this positive vibration? Well, I’m going to give you some tools. I love to use music. I will play music and I’ll jump up and down I’ll get my body in motion. Tony Robbins says how do you change your vibration, he says how to change your emotion is to get your body in motion. I love that. So I jump around, I dance to music, I also find gratitude is an incredible tool to change my vibration. When I truly feel gratitude and appreciation for something my vibration shifts. Gratitude atones you, it brings you back to that neutral state. And in fact, it hooks you up to your inner guidance system and to the universe, universal intelligence. God, it’s a beautiful state. I love going out in nature to raise my vibration, touching a tree feeling, the water of an ocean or a river, also a great way to raise your vibration. Now these tools, I don’t use them all at once. I will actually use one one day, and Friday I’ll use a new different tool. It’s not always the same. But I asked myself, What do you need to feel better today? I also love to write. And when I write I take my pen to paper and I write the answers to the questions What do I want right now in this situation and how would that feel in a universe where anything is possible? What do you want? And how would that feel? And when I write and I really get into the feeling of what I want my goal achieved, hmm, it raises my vibration and I start to visualize and use my imagination, my powerful mind. And I become emotionally involved with this picture in my mind and it raises my vibration. I feel good. And this is how I have stayed prosperous, and coached hundreds of people this past year to have their best year. Many of them had their best year in 2020 if you can believe it. Because we learn how to use our magnificent mind and we mastered our mindset to stay in control, to stay in a positive vibration. Now was it easy? Not always. Did we have to rely on the community? Yes. Did we use our tools often? Of course, and we did it! And you can too. I invite you to join us to master your mindset and if this resonates, reach out. I absolutely love hearing from others who are manifesting, who are attracted to this material right now. There’s no coincidence, it’s your time. Expect abundance and learn to master your mindset to manifest a life that you love because you are here to be, do, and have it all. Abundance is your birthright. This is Danielle Amos and I thank you so much for joining us.

Want to connect with Danielle online? You can find her at:

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Website: https://www.danielleamos.co/

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Danielle Amos

Danielle Amos

Danielle Amos is Prosperity and Success Mindset Coach, and a Certified Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She is currently a member of Bob Proctor's Inner Circle and holder of the Silver Pin Award of Excellence at the Institute (top 10 coach world-wide). She is also a mother, a wife, inspirational speaker and a social marketing entrepreneur. Danielle is mentored directly by Bob Proctor (the world’s authority on mindset and human potential, featured in the movie The Secret). She is passionate about helping women step into their greatness to have it all in life - successful career, connected family, health with wealth and confidence inside and out. Danielle works with companies of all sizes all over the world. Her list of clients include successful leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, real estate agencies, insurance companies, world renowned actors and artists, top athletes and sales teams. Danielle facilitates a comprehensive mindset program called Thinking into Results with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

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