EPISODE 037 – Meal Prep Made Easy


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In today’s episode, Angela shares:

  • How meal prepping can help you and your family eat healthier
  • Simple tips to help you plan and organize your meals for the week
  • Her easy to follow strategy for meal prepping

As a busy mom of 4 kids, and a corporate hustler Angela quickly realized that to be able to keep feeding her family healthy meals, she needed to get organized around her food prepping for the week.  Meal prepping was a game changer for her and her family, and today she gives us so many tips to help us take the overwhelm out of dinner time.

You can find Angela online at: http://Www.GuidedWellness.ca

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/guidedwellnessbyangela

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Angela Moscarelli

Angela Moscarelli

Angela Moscarelli is the mother to four beautiful children, a wife to her high-school sweetheart, Chartered Professional Accountant by trade and future Holistic Nutritionist. She is also the blogger behind GuidedWellness.ca an outlet where Angela shares delicious and healthy recipes that are kid-friendly and easy to prepare, including meal prep tips and simple DIY natural alternatives for everyday products. Her journey to wellness started over 12 years ago shortly after the birth of her first-born child Valentia. Where she and her husband began to shift their focus from nutritional tables and persuasive marketing – to focusing on the list of ingredients, not only with their food choices but also as it pertained to beauty and household products. They became proactive and started to research the ingredients that were in some of their favorite foods and household products in an effort to gain the truth behind some of the potential effect(s) they may (or may not) not have on their health and well-being. When Angela is not busy working or the kitchen, you might find her outside enjoying nature with her kids, gathering fresh eggs from her chickens or simply enjoying a glass of wine with her husband.

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