EPISODE 022 – Pregnancy Loss During a Pandemic


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The idea that bearing and bringing a child to term is an easy feat is a myth that needs to be dispelled. While it is a beautiful process – all rainbows are formed after the rain. Losing a child at 8 weeks conception is one thing. Losing a child at 24 weeks – (6 months) conception is another. Penny’s womb and heart have experienced both scenarios. One feels as though their body has betrayed them – however if one peels back the onion layers, you discover that your body may actually be shielding you from a pain so heavy to bear. Pregnancy loss at 6 months (in a time of a global pandemic) was rock bottom – but with all clarity now, it is clear that the only place to go after hitting ground zero is back up. 

In today’s episode Penny shares:

  • Her story and experience of miscarriage and stillbirth
  •  Insight into some of the struggles that come with conception, pregnancy and childbirth
  • How Womxn can be empowered in their individual journeys to embrace their whole self and respect their bodies ability to nurture and breathe life

Pregnancy loss, stillbirth, miscarriage are all “taboo topics” Women have for the longest time not had the words to describe the feelings and the emotions of losing a child in infancy or during pregnancy. There is no term to describe the grief – no one knows how to help a woman grieve or what words to use. “Sorry for your loss” may seem shallow, so people tend to “give the woman space.” Marriages break up, as each spouse grieves differently – which may appear “not enough” or “over the top” for the other. By sharing her journey Penny hopes that women will know it is okay to be candid with your loss, it is okay to feel as though your body has betrayed you and in so doing find healing, strength and peace in knowing there is a rainbow after the storm if we look hard enough.

You can find Penny over on Instagram at @njeripen

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Penny Marenge

Penny Marenge

Penny’s goal is to share her journey through pregnancy loss, the grief and heartache of having to deliver a stillborn, walking through a funeral home to pick out a cremation container for your child who was born sleeping and yet through it all find a strength that you always knew was there but just needed to know how to tap into it.




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