EPISODE 001 – My 5 Realizations in 2020


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In this episode, Yenisi shares:

  • The 5 realizations she came to during the global pandemic of 2020
  • The importance of community, connection, & relationships
  • How to make sure your life resume looks exactly the way you want it to

You’re going to love this episode because in sharing her 5 realizations with us, Yenisi also gifts the listeners with so many small but powerful exercises that can help us check in with ourselves and make sure we are living our life to its fullest.

You can find Yenisi on Instagram @yenisio or @thecocoacactus

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Yenisi Onabolu

Yenisi Onabolu

Yenisi Onabolu is Nigerian-born millennial, living and working in Toronto. Yenisi has built her career working in Financial Services, now with a focus on Investment Management. Yenisi’s passions are people, food, travel and music. When she’s not working, she’s either planning her next trip, out to a meal with friends, trying something new or on the phone to her family in Nigeria.




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