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September 14, 2020


Neelam Solanki

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Body Humiliation

2020 the millennium era of high technology. The virtual world of social media. The peak of freedom. The globe of a fancy life.  Though, I believe that we are still too far to beat societal norms. The issues of gender equity, menstrual shame, education are yet on the torch to resolve. Besides these, the invisible subject that has made way to depression for many is the BODY HUMILIATION.

The unusual look to the one who is fat, thin, black, short, tall is enough to make that person uncomfortable. But I would like to raise the question, who has decided the ideal body shape? Who has marked the absolute skin tone? Who has authorized the society to judge the girl for her height, weight and looks?

If the people started life on mars or moon, still the biological factors in females are not going to change. Sometimes, it is genetically impossible for a girl/woman to reorient herself. Then why are these advertising agencies always behind to make fools for flawless beauty and ultimate physique?

Racism of body diversity has a lot to face with the injustice by our society. If someone is slim, fair-skinned, then she would be considered as good-looking or attractive. If someone is fat, dark-skinned, then she would not be as per society standard. She would have to face ignorance and disgrace. Even she may not praise for the friend zone.

The fact in which people are living is that FAT AND DARK ARE BAD.

The influence of being enchanting is such that we started comparison. We begin to hate our own body and try to be someone else. Our mind runs behind the strategies that “I want 55 kg weight”, “I should start using XYZ beauty products”. And to fulfil the demands, we give rise to unhealthy eating habits and activities that do not fit for us. 

Silver Lining: 56 and 5.5′ are just the numbers. They cannot define intelligence.

Fair and dark skin is due to melanin hormone. It cannot define beauty. 

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Truly inspiring blog, body humiliation should not be acceptable in our society. Thank you so much Neelam Solanki for raising your voice, we all are together and we’ll try to educate everybody. I found Neelam’s blog really interesting and motivational, plz guys do like and share.

Humiliating body by its look is same as humiliating gods creation.
Neelam ur raised most silent but poisonous issue of our society.

Pls guys like n share as mush as possible

True, I love this fact about you that you always raise your voice for the actual society problems. And we can only improve this only if we will start from ourselves and our family, kids. We should be teaching our kids from childhood to not to judge anyone from the looks this change will start from here. Good luck dear!!!

Wow Neelam!!!!
Loved the way you spoke about this topic so confidently because it is actually really hard to speak about these sensitive topics!
Absolutely enjoyed reading it..keep it up!!👏

Certainly body humiliation is something that people don’t express but may have felt at certain times.Thanks to the ideal standards of beauty set up by the media and something that was catalysed by the so called ‘Social media’.
Good efforts dear.Keep going.

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