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September 14, 2020

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Crystal McGrath

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Being an Empath With 'OPS'

Ok, so we all know the saying: keep those who don’t lift you up at a distance and the emotional vampires at bay, but what if we are empathetic and pick up on everyone else’s emotions and hardships. What if we feel when someone we love is hurting and having a bad day, then what? 

Coming from an empath it’s not easy to block out how other people are feeling and stay in a bright shiny bubble of light and joy. I try to put up my pink sparkly iron shield and face the world head on but let’s get real, it actually feels impossible at times when your the type of female that wants to make sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves, not to mention when you want to make sure everyone is living stress free even if that means you try and take on EVERYTHING! Including the stress from your loved ones on top of your own!

Let me share a secret with you! You DON’T have to live out everyone one else’s story!!! You can have control of your own emotions and give those around you permission to feel whatever it is they need too, even if that means they’re down for a day, because that is THEIR story and journey to uncovering their truths!

Here are some helpful solutions I have found to use when I am feeling overwhelmed with OPS (Other People’s Stuff)

1- Know that it’s not about you!!!! 

Even if you did something to annoy them It is so important to know that it’s not about you. Unless you did something outrageous, what they are typically reacting to is a compound effect of things in their head they haven’t dealt with, likely stress from their own belief systems, workload, or finances seem to be the top 3!  It’s about them, so let them feel it!

2- Give yourself Space!!!!!

Go for a walk, read a motivational book, listen to your favorite music playlists, tune into a podcast! Get out of your head and into an external space of positivity and light. This will help keep you present and out of the worry mode freaking out about what you did wrong or why they are mad or how the situation is going to unfold. You can only control ONE thing! And that one thing is yourself and the way you respond to events in your life! 

3- Have a set of positive affirmations on hand at all times!!!

Keep a list in your phone with positive reminders such as  you can not control how other people feel or 5 things you love about your authentic self. 

4- Check in with yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed!!

Place a hand on your heart and simply ask yourself the question “Is this feeling mine” Being an empath it is way too easy to experience other people’s emotions, so check in ask yourself and the answer will be clear when you give yourself permission to feel the truth! If it’s not yours simply just say Adios! to the feeling and tap into your own truth. If you’re having a hard time getting back to your truths, Close your eyes, take 3 slow breaths and zone into 3 things you’re grateful for. Coming back to gratitude always brings you back to your truth.

5- Send them Love!!!

If you’re picking up on loved ones emotions send them an abundance of love. Flip the switch, instead of sharing all their hardships, start sharing all of your love!!!! Empath’s are full of love so share it in meaningful ways, especially if you pick on someone you care about is hurting. 


There you go my friends, 5 simple tricks for empaths to let go of OPS!!!!! 

Best of luck and lots of love, 

Crystal McGrath!

Live with Love


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