Are the Clothes in Your Closet a HELL YES!?


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Feel like shit? Not sure why?

You feel amazing inside, everything is going the way you want your meditations are calming, your journaling is flowing, and your manifesting is ON POINT! Then there’s your closet. You dread getting dressed. You feel like shit in the same old leggings, uggs, and mom bun?

I’ve been there.

For so long I wore blah outfits all in the name of comfort and ease. Yet felt like shit ALL the time. T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and a ballet flat or runner were my staple. The only thing I put effort into was my hair and makeup, but that wasn’t enough to make me feel as good on the outside as I felt on the inside.

How did I get here?

I used to love fashion, so much so that I always thought that’s where I would end up career wise until all the external voices told me there was no money in it, it wouldn’t be challenging enough for me, too cut throat that I wouldn’t like blah blah blah blah! So, I put that dream on the shelf and moved on to more “practical” endeavours.

However, 20+ years later here I am wondering why I made fashion take such a backseat to my life. I LOVE fashion! Over the last 2-3 months I have rediscovered my love of fashion AND discovered a hidden identity I had long forgotten existed.

The weird and wacky person who used to love life. The one who enjoyed being different. The one who was fascinated by all things sexy, kinky, and out in left field before peer pressure and society stepped in and said, “oh no! you can’t do/be/feel/wear that”.

The kicker?

Since rediscovering her I feel AMAZEBALLS! And I am in love with this badass that is emerging.
The second revelation I discovered was that it takes no longer to dress in HELL YES pieces than it does to throw on the crappy ass shit I was putting on. Not only does it not take any longer, but I feel just as comfortable in these new pieces than the old tees, hoodies, and jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good jean but the droopy, floppy, misshapen hoodies are GONZO!

Here are 3 quick tips I have come up with to rediscover this person:

1 – Are the clothes in your closet a HELL fucking YES?
Everything should light you up. You should be excited to get dressed each morning. I’m not talking ball gowns and tuxedos, although if that lights you up then fucking wear them and to hell with anyone else. If it doesn’t light you up then why the fuck is it in your closet? GET….RID….OF…..IT!!! I don’t care if you plan on losing 10lbs because it used to be your favorite item of clothing. Accept that you may not lose that weight and dress the body you have NOW! Why keep a reminder of all the reasons you think you’re failing yourself by not losing the weight (or whatever story you have been telling yourself).

2 – Imagine your highest self, how does she dress?
Go to your closet and look for your 5 favorite pieces. Pull them out and if they create a full outfit then I challenge you to wear them. TODAY! Don’t wait! If they don’t create an entire outfit then choose one piece. Go back into the closet and ask yourself, “What wouldn’t I wear with this?” then put it on. Ask yourself that again and again until you have an outfit. Take it in and adjust as necessary but DO NOT let the brain/ego in. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first but the more you do it and ask yourself “what wouldn’t I pair this with?”, the more it will become second nature just like journaling or meditating or whatever thing you told yourself you couldn’t do but now do all the time.

3 – Learn to shop energetically…..without Ego.
When scrolling through online shops or the racks at your favorite shop, don’t let the brain come into the equation. If something calls to you or peaks your interest grab it and run! Try it on, buy it, whatever before the brain has a chance to say you’re too old/young for that, that will make you look fat, what would your mother say? Whatever it is that you’ve been telling yourself all these years. Who fucking cares! Something about it called to you so you owe it to yourself to go for it!

Here’s how I see it now that I’ve gone through it.

We spend so much time working on our inner self, healing old traumas, moving past whatever you feel needs work but we tend to ignore our outer self and then wonder why we feel so “off”. We tell ourselves that we’re entrepreneurs and no one can see us anyways. I call BS! Because we can see ourselves. It’s not selfish or vain to wanna look good and have that match our insides. In fact, I would argue it’s JUST as important and necessary. If you think in terms of energetics, you are not vibrating at the right frequency because something is off. Your message will be there but it will potentially fall flat because your outer being isn’t saying the same thing.

We are a complete package. It’s time we treated ourselves as such and to hell with what society says. Find what works for you, what makes you feel amazing!

For me?

That’s harnesses, liquid leggings, and flash accessories (the more the better to match my Fire or Water, whichever calls to me that day). Do I dress this way every day? Hell no! But I dress this way more often than I don’t know and I always feel on fire and ready to tackle the day.

I dare you to try it and let me know how it works out for you.
If you need help getting started feel free to DM me or comment below.

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